Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Workin' my way back to "Normal"

Hello friends! 

I am trying to get back into whatever groove my new "normal" is. I made these beauties this week. I'm still having a little bit of a hard time getting on a normal schedule since everything is so not normal. Luckily awesome beads are still working their way out of my hands :D


Here are some of the beads I made last week. Some of them have already sold, but the pile of beads was pretty ;)

Here are the NEW beads you can find in my Etsy shop.

I made this AMAZING pair of earrings for my friend, Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio. I made them to match her special birthday necklace her husband commissioned me to make for her birthday. Aren't they going to be magical together?!

Are these, SEXY or what?!

She is going to be the envy of all her friends :P 

Things are still all kind of crazy around here as I try to get my schedule back to normal. In baby news, we are still waiting for little miss Ayla to make her appearance. It was an up and down roller coaster for all with the doctors trying to decide what to do as far as delivering her early. I was told she is a nice healthy 7 lbs today and looking awesome! Her induction is scheduled for this Saturday, but I am hoping she comes earlier naturally. I heard induction SUCKS BALLS :( I also hope she makes her appearance before the 24th so she is a Libra instead of a Scorpio >:D There has been a huge fuss over it being "Scorpio Season" and celebrating that little Ayla will be a Scorpio. We shall see... 

Well I best be off! I have some dinner to eat before visiting my little sissy at the hospital.

See you soon! Thanks for stopping in!

xoxo Genea

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Season of Change

Hello friends!

Have you been enjoying fall? I have definitely been enjoying the cooler temperatures and thunderstorms that have been hanging out around Kansas City. The season is changing from summer to fall and my life is moving along with that change as well.  Life has decided to take a slower pace. Where is everyone these days? I know I have not been online nearly as much as I have in the past.  

Here are some photos I took of the yard the last few days of September. I am amazed at how different the yard looks already just in that short time. It was really beautiful and sunny when I took these photos. 
Here you can see the Papyrus grasses seeding. The weather has been cooler and the skies have been pretty gray. Hard to believe when looking at these sunny photos.

In this season of change I find myself having less days to work after the show when I had anticipated  creating like a crazy woman preparing for Christmas. I have been rotating my work time with taking care of my sister that was put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy(She is due November 15th). So I'm just rolling with the changes and trying to be a little more kind to myself with crazy deadlines and production expectations. I got a chance to work on a small collection of fall beads that are currently listed in my Etsy shop. 

I'm really happy with this collection of work. I really love the rich colors fall brings :) I had wanted to do more of a collection, but had to stop here. In the mean time I placed a small glass order to restock some colors. I should be getting that next week sometime :D

When I've been over at my sister's house we have been keeping things pretty low key. She was put on bed rest since her blood pressure was a bit high and the doctors worried she may have had the beginnings of preeclampsia. She mostly has to lay in bed or sit, but was allowed to go out if she rode an electric cart or was pushed in a wheel chair. Dad had invited the two of us out for lunch the other day and after we decided to stop at Target.

Lord help me! I had to go to the store with dad in the electric cart while I pushed  Nina in the wheel chair. I can't believe how slow those motorized carts are. Yeesh. I could push Nina around faster than those motors go!

Ok so we had a little fun in the Halloween area. I made dad and Nina put on the silly foam hats and pose for a photo lol. 
I also joined in the fun with these silly large foam glasses. Lol. 

I have been lucky enough to be able to attend a lot of music events lately. I was pretty surprised and for these next electronic music events that are only a day apart!

I will be seeing Big Gigantic on Saturday in the arts district at a restaurant called Grinders. This is their last outdoor event before the winter. It will be a nice balmy 49 degrees that night! Dancefestopia all over again with the cold temps! At least we won't be on the riverfront this time ;) 

Monday night I will be at the Midland Theater seeing The Glitch Mob. 
I'm pretty stoked! Lots of great music to enjoy back to back! 

That's pretty much what's been going on in my world in my internet absence. I hope to get to making some new beads next week. You can check in with me on Facebook for news ;)

See ya around!

xo Genea

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Little a Time Away

Hello friends!

Well this certainly isn't my normal blog setting. It's midnight and I am writing to you from the comfort of my bed. I lay here and wonder why I don't write to you from here more often! I guess I feel like my blogs have to have lots of photos and links of things to interest you. Maybe I don't and maybe  you just  enjoy reading about my life? I dunno. Anyway, I have been away taking a break after the show. I have been taking time to rest and reflect on things. Regroup and come up with new ideas.

I recently had the pleasure of attending Dancefestopia, a 2 day rave/music festival on the Kansas City river front (September 12-13th).I really enjoyed listening to the music at such a beautiful outdoor setting. I am so glad I got to go. A special thank you to everyone that made it possible! I really needed to relax and enjoy this event.

I have also been spending some time just visiting with friends and enjoying the fading of summer into fall. I am loving the cooler temperatures and the start of watching the leaves changing colors. Fall is my very favorite season! I love:hoodies, warm socks, chai tea, crisp air, leaves crunching under your feet, knitting, and snuggling under warm blankets :)

I also love fall colors; rich browns, metallics, and silvered ivory. I finally got back to creating beads the other day after a month long break. I'm so glad that I have been making beads for so long that even after taking a long break I can sit down at the torch and just create like I have only missed one day at the torch. I think it took me about a good 3 solid years of making beads consecutively to finally be able to do that. Working in glass for over 11 years, making beads has become such a normal function it's just like breathing :)

I'm really excited and happy with my newest work and can't wait to share it with you soon! I will also have some more news about some new happenings for Genea Beads. It won't be anything too crazy, but just more little tweaks on the business to help it to grow and run smoothly :)

I suppose I should start gearing down for the night, but glad I got to write to him from the most comfortable place in my house ;)

Good night and sweetest dreams to you!

Xo Genea

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Life After Bead Fest

Hello friends!

Wow what a crazy ride it's been. I can't believe Bead Fest Philly was just under 2 weeks ago! So let's catch you all up on my last couple of weeks.

A view outside of my car window on the trip to PA. This photo doesn't do it justice at all. The clouds looked like feathery wings outstretched. It was really magnificent!

One of the signs by the show. Lol, we couldn't resist taking a photo. 

Here is a shot of our booth. Ricky and I got in and set up in 2 hours. That was record timing from last year where it took us 4.5 hours to set up! Guess we are getting good at this huh?!
Staci and I shared a booth again this year. Here you can see Barbara Bechtel holding down the fort.
A pic of Staci and me at our booths.

We also shared our power house corner with Starry Road Studio and Wooly Wire Etc. It's so much fun to share a space with these awesome women. I wish I had clicked some more photos of their booth's, but I dropped my phone face down 2 days before the show :( You will have to hunt them down on facebook to view their photos when they get their albums posted ;)
I made myself a quick necklace with one of my "Eye See You For All That You Are And Will Become" focals. Nothing like making yourself a piece of jewelry at the show cause you didn't have time beforehand ;)

Here is a better photo I took out in the sun yesterday ;)
I just LOVE this necklace!

Our Courtyard party on Saturday night was rained out, but that didn't keep our bunch of wild gals from partying inside!

I had an awesome class with my students! I clicked some quick photos with Ricky's phone.

Our mother and daughter team that came to class together wearing their finished jewelry :)

Ellen didn't have pierced ears so she purchased some clip earring backs at the show that matched perfectly! 
Our two classmates that met at the class and became great friends. I love how beads bring us all together :) Didn't their pieces turn out awesome?!

Here are a few photos of my students work from class.

I love how everyone's piece is so unique.

While we were at the show, Don, Karen's husband gave her a special birthday present he comissioned me to make for her. May I present, "Gypsy Magic". Holy wow, huh?! It took me about 3 days to design this necklace since I really wanted to bring all of the design elements together.  I am so pleased with the finished piece!

Here is all of my loot from the show :D
Wooly Wire from Wooly Wire Etc.
More Wooly Wire :D

Ceramic eye house from Diane Hawkey.

Polymer clay beads by Second Surf and eye charms from Cynthia's sweet daughter :)

I wanted to wear some of my pieces right away so I put them on chain and sari silk. Awesome, huh?!

The not so fun part of the tail end of show time, the creative mess. This is my upstairs studio. I am STILL getting things organized and back into their places.

In the meantime after show also means SUPER MASSIVE SHOP UPDATES! All of these beauties are in my Etsy shop. It was just easier and faster to update there first. Some of them are in my .com shop as well. I will get everything moved over shortly.

I also marked some beads and jewelry on sale. I will be creating new jewelry designs soon. I can't wait to get back to designing as well as making. 

See you soon!

xo Genea

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last Minute Bead Fest Philly Info and Updates

Hello Friends!

Let the last minute panic begin in 3.....2.....1..... COMMENCE FREAK OUT! Actually... I am feeling pretty ok considering how much stuff I have left to do.

So let's get to the SUPER important stuff first since this will be a LONG blog... 

My shop's will be CLOSED while I am away at Bead Fest Philly from sometime soon today through August 26th. So if there is something you can't live without you should run over to my shops and grab that now ;) 

It's been several days of craziness. I have successfully dropped my phone face down and KILLED it so I am WITHOUT MY PHONE. It's almost as bad as not having a limb. So if you need to get a hold of me you will have to facebook message me or call Ricky's phone. Message me for his number if you need it ;) I am PRAYING that my phone will arrive at the shop today instead of it's scheduled date of tomorrow when I will already on the road to Philly. Send out those good vibes everyone!

You can find Staci and me over at booth #371 where we were last year.
Here is the map for Bead Fest so you know where to find us.
Here is your coupon to save $10 on your entry. Print this image off and present it at the door. Use that extra $10 to buy your beads! ;)

There is STILL TIME TO SIGN UP for my  "Wooly Wire One-oh-FUN" class! Class is Friday night at Bead Fest Philly August 22nd from 4:30-8:30pm! I believe that sign-ups are closed until the day of the show, but you can sign up that Friday up until class! If you need anything before then, I am at booth #371 so come find me there ;)

Wooly Wire "One-oh-FUN" class projects. 
We are in room #31 for class. 

I have been burning the midnight oil the last few nights tying and pricing my work.

I had only a few days this time to work on my display when I had it up for well over a month last year.  Here is my progress. I am at the point where I think I am just going to wing it. You all love pretty beads and I doubt you will be agonizing over my lack of labeled table tags and stuff that I worry about. 

Some of my show crap I have to cram into crates and organize for the trip. I guess as long as I remember my: beads, class kits,  lights, cash box, and cc swiper, we are good, right?

Well I am off! I have a newsletter to write and students to contact. See you all soon!

xo Genea

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hoopin' and Bead Fest Prep

Hello friends!

I am always shocked by how fast the time has been flying by! I have been chained to my lampwork desk making beads like a crazy fool! I kinda freaked out when I laid out my trays to see what beads I wanted to make for the show. It doesn't look like much does it? Well not to worry! I have LOTS to make between now and then. I need to pull out my show table and get my set up all worked out as well so I can see how I want my display to look this year. It will be pretty similar to last years set up with a few changes ;)

 Infact I thought I would take a short break and offer up a tray sale on Facebook. Just a nice sampling of some of the beads I was making for the show all in one place. I did sell a good amount of these pretties yesterday, but there are still some amazing beads left!

Here is a shot of the entire lot of beads I had for sale yesterday.  Here is what I have left...

"Eye See You for All of the Beautiful Things You Are" Teal XL focal - $65
Rainbow Batiks "Teal" set of 7 - $64.50
Desert Serpent "Purple Peacock" Large focal - $38

Desert Serpent "Mermaid" Large focal - $38(Shiny, normally sold matte)

Desert Serpent "Mermaid" small set of 3 - $38(Shiny, normally sold matte)

From the Inside Out "Crimson" small set of 3- $38(ONE LEFT)

Spiral Earth Stones "Purple Velvet" stone textured small pair- $24(3 available)
Rainbow Batiks "Orchid Rose" set of 7 - $64.50(SOLD OUT)
Desert Serpent "Purple Peacock" small set of 3 - $38(SOLD OUT)
From the Inside Out "Sahara" small set of 3- $38(SOLD OUT)

Here's a shot of the back side of the beads.

I have also been working on getting my kits ready for my Wooly Wire "One-oh-FUN" class that is RAPIDLY SELLING OUT! So be sure to hop on in and grab yourself a spot for class. Details here. Here is a shot of the bundles of silk students will get to pick out for their class necklace.

Here are the designs we will be making in class in case you forgot what they looked like ;)

I've been making it a point to click pictures in my studio while I work. I forget that not everyone knows what it's like to be a lampworker. We do all of our daily routine stuff without a second thought. 

Here I have some colors laid out to make a sunflower bead for a dear friend. This is just the beginning step. I took more photos while I worked, but I will post those later( I gotta keep you coming back somehow, right? ;)

I have had the extreme pleasure of reconnecting with my dearest friend, Sean. I have enjoyed the pleasure of his company along with getting to watch him dance(Hooping technically). He is one of those people that has this thirst for life and is so full of light. One of my favorite things about him is his love of music. He is forever catching a beat and just moving to it. I really admire his free spiritedness. Here you can see him hooping at Drum Tribe this past Monday. Isn't he amazing?!

I have even been entrusted with one  of his very first hoops to learn myself. *Insert heart here*
It inspires me just watching the iridescence glide along the hoop as it moves :D

Here's to my new adventure....

xo Genea